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Through our Partner Program, we work with goal-oriented partners like you to grow your business portfolio. We will connect you with a wide range of premium payment processing solutions so you can start earning unlimited, lifetime residual income.

White-labeled payment processing

At Unity Payments, we understand that your success as a partner is paramount. That's why our white-labeled payment processing solutions are designed with one primary objective: to empower you to concentrate on the growth of your business.

Dedicated merchant activation and support teams
Tech tool stack to streamline dealflow and submissions
Leading edge smart terminal products
Unlimited lifetime residuals
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Tools to hit the ground running

A complete stack of tools to streamline your workflow and operations.

Cloud Based CRM

Access to our proprietary CRM made exclusively for our partners.

Click2Call Dialing

Installation and support via our partner company, Melotel.

Integrated DocuSign

Well documented deal templates customized as your brand.

Branding and Website

Website creation, support, maintenance. Marketing consultation.

Submission Support

Fully supported merchant account deal submission with acquirer.

Ticketing System

Proprietary support ticketing system, for both, internal as well as merchant-side.

Partner benefits

Lifetime Residual Planning

Embrace a holistic financial experience with our offerings, including lifetime residual planning reports, buy and sell options, financing solutions.

Working Capital for Support

Gain access to essential working capital, whether you're launching your business or driving its expansion, through our flexible and tailored financial solutions.


Our business management annual compensation is thoughtfully designed to incentivize performance and contribute to the collective growth of the company.

Residual Financing Options

Discover financing options perfectly matched to your residual books, ensuring your business accesses tailored funding that propels growth with precision.


Focus on growth while we handle the rest

Customer Support Team

Ensures that your clients' needs are met promptly and efficiently. Whether they have questions about transactions, account management, or technical issues, our friendly experts are available around the clock to provide clear solutions. We understand the importance of exceptional customer service and work tirelessly to deliver on it.

Terminal Installation Team

Specializes in seamless setup and installation of payment terminals. Takes the hassle out of getting your merchants' terminals up and running with our expertise in configuring hardware and software. From initial installation to troubleshooting, the team guarantees a smooth and hassle-free experience for your newly onboarded merchants.

Merchant Activation Team

Dedicated to streamlining the onboarding process for your merchants. We guide them through the necessary steps to start processing payments swiftly and securely. The team ensures all documentation is complete, accounts are verified, and systems are optimized, enabling your clients to start accepting payments with confidence.

Retention Department

Our Retention Department is focused on nurturing long-lasting relationships between you and your clients. We understand that client retention is key to sustained success. Our experts engage with clients to address their evolving needs, provide value-added services, and offer personalized solutions. Our retention strategies are designed to strengthen client loyalty and maximize their satisfaction.

Marketing Support Team

Our Marketing Support Team is your go-to resource for enhancing your brand presence and expanding your reach. The team specializes in creating, maintaining, and optimizing websites that resonate with your target audience. Our experts develop effective campaign strategies that align with your business objectives, ensuring that your message reaches the right people at the right time.

Data Reporting Team

Our Data Reporting Team helps enhance your business operations. Comprising skilled analysts, this team delves deep into your partner business's data to identify insights that streamline processes, improve sales strategies, and drive operational efficiency. By leveraging data-driven recommendations, we empower you to make informed decisions that lead to enhanced performance and growth.

A woman making a payment via credit card tap on the Newland 910 smart terminal

ISO Rent Cap Program

Partner with us to gain access to our 'ISO Rent Cap' program. Get paid in advance with a 'bounty' on every sale to manage your initial cash flows better.

Together, we can do so much more!

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