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Accept payments on-the-go

Transform your computer or smartphone into a full-fledged credit card terminal. Send invoices to customers to facilitate secure remote payments. Securely store customer credit card tokens and establish recurring payments. Drive informed business choices with catalog analytics.

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Eliminate all interruptions

For when things do go wrong, your virtual terminal can serve as a backup to your primary point-of-sale device.

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Bill, track and manage. Anytime, anywhere.

Invoicing and billing

Tailor invoices to align with your brand identity. Create invoices featuring your products or services as individual line items. Seamlessly receive payments directly from your invoices, no matter the location.

Product catalogue

Effortlessly establish product catalogues for quick invoicing with a single tap. Uncover valuable insights about your products, including best-sellers and top customers, empowering informed decisions for your business.

Enhanced customer profiles

Safely tokenize customer credit card details within their profiles. Initiate invoices and process charges with a simple tap and easily set up recurring payments. Gain deeper insights into your customer base by identifying top customers, new clients, and more.

Recurring payments made easy

Automatically charge your customers at pre-set intervals through your virtual terminal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about our virtual terminals. Feel free to get in touch with us if you still require assistance.

Do I need special hardware for virtual terminals?

No extra hardware is required. Our virtual terminal app works as both a web application as well as a mobile (iOS/Android) application, which means you can use any computer, tablet, or phone as a virtual terminal device.

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How can I accept debit payments from a virtual terminal?

For accepting debit transactions from a debit terminal, you can supplement the virtual terminal with a wireless or countertop PIN pad. Ask your sales rep for our PIN pads.

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Is it secure to process payments through a virtual terminal?

Absolutely. Our virtual terminals use advanced encryption and security protocols to ensure that payment data is kept safe during processing. Customer profiles and credit cards are stored as tokens, so the data is always secure.

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Is there an additional charge for billing and invoicing?

Virtual terminals is included for no charge with your payment gateway, but billing and invoicing is a fantastic value-added service that you can get for an additional $10 a month. Send your customers custom invoices allowing your customers to directly pay from the invoice.

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